A Little Intro…Induction

A little lovey, a little Dovey, and a larger than life Moose!

On our travels we have seen much. We go when we can and we love to share our misadventures, especially with you! It all started many moons ago in a world called Moco. Two souls lay in wait for something to pick them up off their couches. It was a soiled land and all would surely perish, but these two had other ideas.

And here is where we ended up almost four years later from the time we first spoke then misspoke then spoke again…dated haphazardly, took a break, jumped in with both feet then had to drag ourselves half out of the water once more. Working together to bring you our moments. This might be one of the weirdest, most delinquent blogs you will ever read but if you like a tale or two about a journey or forty this is where you will twist and turn and bleed and ache.

World travelers, we are not. However, we are unafraid to get ourselves into a low-end motel or two! We may also jump in muddy waters, get lost in the dark, and trampled on by wayward wights. I can also promise much history and many photographs for the taphophile at heart in our tombstone tourism adventure trips as they are many!

Until our next post about last weekend coming soon: Moooooooose! (no worries this battle cry will begin to make sense as we all get to know each other) 


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